Running 2 miles a day weight lossRunning 2 miles a day weight loss

If you want to start running to lose weight, you must follow certain rules. During running, the body expends a large amount of energy. This normalizes the metabolism, burns calories, accelerates the metabolism, and improves the digestive system. In addition, the muscles of the body are strengthened, the circulatory system is saturated with oxygen, blood […]

How long does it take to get flexibleHow long does it take to get flexible

Stretching is a very important and useful element of any workout, which should never be forgotten, both for children and adults. But the methods and goals of flexibility training in children and older people are very different. For children it is primarily important to improve the elasticity of muscles, ligaments, joint capsules and increase the […]

Front crawl swimming technique beginnersFront crawl swimming technique beginners

The crawl is the most popular and fastest sport of swimming. Competitors in those events in which it is allowed to swim the method of choice (freestyle), athletes prefer to swim the crawl on the chest. The crawl method is chosen by participants of long-distance swimming on open bodies of water, as well as participants […]

How to start cold water swimmingHow to start cold water swimming

Almost all coaches agree that the main factor holding back open water swimmers is the lack of practice in open water. Arguments from athletes usually boil down to the fact that the water is cold most of the time. No matter how fast you swim in the pool, if you are not adapted to cold […]