How long does it take to get flexible

Stretching is a very important and useful element of any workout, which should never be forgotten, both for children and adults. But the methods and goals of flexibility training in children and older people are very different. For children it is primarily important to improve the elasticity of muscles, ligaments, joint capsules and increase the amplitude of movements in different parts of the body, while for adults, especially those leading a passive lifestyle, stretching ensures good health and well-being. How long does it take to get flexible?

Why do you need stretching?

Everyone knows that people who work in offices at a computer for an average of nine hours a day risk getting unpleasant diseases. In the unchanged sitting position the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine are under most strain. The lack of movement causes them to become stiff and the muscles to ache. As a result, osteochondrosis develops in the cervical vertebrae, which causes constant pain and greatly affects performance. In addition, the posture deteriorates, there is a curvature of the spine, which can result in a pinched nerve. All this leads to a decrease in the intensity of blood flow to the brain and, consequently, to headaches and visual impairment.

The same goes for all the other joints and muscles. If they do not work, it will lead to impaired blood circulation in all organs. For example, most women who lead a sedentary lifestyle actively develop varicose veins because of poor blood circulation in the lower extremities. Of course, these problems can be avoided if you start exercising in time. It is clear that many people find it difficult in their busy schedule to find time to exercise, but, in order to feel good, it is enough to have at least a small daily warm-up with elements of stretching.

For example, you can warm up the joints, neck, back, even without taking a break from work, and it will take you no more than five minutes several times a day. But a good feeling will be guaranteed for the whole day. And after the day’s work you can go to the gym for stretching or to a fitness club for a group class on stretching, as well as practicing on their own in the street in the park.

What are the main benefits of stretching for adults?

Stretching has a very significant effect on the adult body. It increases muscle elasticity and joint mobility, which improves blood circulation. Stretching relieves back pain, joint pain, helps to avoid salt deposits, as well as quickly relieves stress, allows you to relax physically and emotionally. 

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