How much water should you drink a day to lose belly fat

Our most problematic area is the abdomen. Girls are ready to give a lot to have beautiful and relief abs. But do they really need so much? How much water should you drink a day to lose belly fat?

Drink plenty of water

This recommendation will always be relevant. If we do not drink enough water (1.5-2 liters a day), the problem of a bulging belly will not go anywhere. So take willpower in his hands and try as much as possible to drink a lot. And it should be clear water. Tea, coffee, and sweet drinks do not count. Make it a habit to drink two glasses of water on an empty stomach. Catch up on the rest during the day.

Drinking Water During Your Workout

Unfortunately, a huge number of people completely ignore the drinking regime during training. Some people think that they consume enough fluids during the day, while others just constantly forget to take water for workouts and see nothing wrong with it. To answer the question — to drink or not to drink, let’s first understand what functions water performs.

To begin with, water is the main nutrient for our body. It brings various nutrients to the tissues, affects the regulation of body temperature, maintains blood pressure, as well as ensures the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system. So why and when to drink while working out? First, we need to understand what type of workouts we’re talking about and what is the danger of losing water?

Let’s start with visitors’ favorite cardio workouts or group programs. Many people believe that if you do not drink, you will lose weight faster. In fact, if you don’t drink during a long cardio workout, there is an increase in body temperature, which the body naturally begins to fight by producing sweat. As soon as the lack of fluid in the body begins to exceed 2%, the body begins processes whose task is to fight dehydration:

  • blood pressure decreases,
  • blood flow to the muscles and skin decreases,
  • the heart beats clearer, as a result the heat transfer process is disturbed and the body retains more heat.

In other words, the effectiveness of such a workout is drastically reduced. Moreover, with a fluid loss of more than 4-5%, heat stroke can occur. This means that drinking water during cardio workouts is essential, including in terms of training efficiency and health.

Do you need to drink water during strength training?

Undoubtedly yes, although, as a rule, during training at the gym due to the duration of load in the exercises the body is not so much heated and fluid loss with sweat is not so significant.

But strength work is not possible without a normal concentration of so-called mineral salts, the lack of which can lead to such phenomena as cramps and cramps. If a trainer works not on «mass» but on «relief», performing a large number of repetitions and taking small breaks between sets, then the same effect occurs (one sweats a lot) as in cardio exercises, which means that the amount of fluid intake must be increased.

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